Townsley Portraits

Preserving human emotion, one painting at a time.

Townsley Portraits is a premium service, family portrait photography studio based out of Las Vegas , Nevada. Our site showcases our expertise in portrait production and photography for families, while our Gallery shows off the quality of our eye and experience behind the camera.

About Us

Townsley Portraits is a premium service, Las Vegas-based family portrait studio, specializing in capturing the dynamic of the human relationship. 

Founded in 2006 by Stuart Townsley, we're a studio dedicated to helping you preserve your most precious family memories, while providing you with exceptionally fine artwork.

We specialize in family wall portraits, because nothing says - “You’re Important” to your loved ones - more than seeing themselves on the wall in your home.

When you display your family prominently on the walls, it sends the message that those in it are important to one another - and we want to celebrate the memories you have experienced together.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a creative atmosphere, to allow your unique personalities shine to the surface, capturing that dynamic and encapsulating it into a truly one-of-a-kind treasure as the final product.

A short story:

When Stuart Townsley's son was three years old, he took him to a professional photographer.

The photographer was able to create a portrait so stunning –  one that captured so much more than just a toddler in a room - but a story that evoked depth and real emotion. 

So much so, that it enchanted Stuart, instantly capturing his creativity and passion.

On that day, Stuart committed to making that experience available to others. Eventually he created Townsley Portraits and has been providing heirloom quality artwork to Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas ever since.

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