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Preserving human emotion, one painting at a time.

Townsley Portraits is a premium service, family portrait photography studio based out of Las Vegas , Nevada. Our site showcases our expertise in portrait production and photography for families, while our Gallery shows off the quality of our eye and experience behind the camera.


The probability that a donor will make five consecutive gifts is only 10-15%.
— npEngage Research Survey

This means that by the time your charity has acquired a new donor, potentially half of your previous donors have walked out the door. How is any charity expected to continue serving its community if it's continually losing its donors interests...

Wouldn't you like to show your donors just how much your charity truly values and appreciates its donors?

We thought you might, which is exactly why we'd like to present you with a fantastic opportunity to show your donors just how highly you value them - not only for their donation, but most importantly for their commitment to helping your cause move forward.

[just] a one-time act of thoughtful gratitude produced an immediate 10% increase in happiness for folks who were the gratitude recipients...
— npEngage Research Survey

And in all of our years of experience - as well as input from charities who've implemented our program - one of the best ways to improve your financial donations, is to implement premium-quality donor appreciation programs which will:

  • dramatic increase in overall donor satisfaction
  • direct, positive impact to overall financial contribution totals
  • escalate your donor loyalty 
  • potentially double your donor referrals, as well as the quality of referrals 
  • direct impact to your charity's ability to move outward and positively impact its intended community

What does the Townsley Strategic Alliance & Appreciation Program actually provide?

By establishing a lucrative partnership with our Alliance & Appreciation Program, our studio will provide your charity with:

  • UNLIMITED amounts of Gift Certificates for portrait art with a value of $1,500. 
  • A complimentary studio session with one of our amazing portrait artists, with a combined 50+ years of expertise, Plus a framed portrait gift and a credit towards wall art. 


Sample Gift Certificate

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