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Preserving human emotion, one painting at a time.

Townsley Portraits is a premium service, family portrait photography studio based out of Las Vegas , Nevada. Our site showcases our expertise in portrait production and photography for families, while our Gallery shows off the quality of our eye and experience behind the camera.


The profit of selling to a current customer is a [whopping] 60-70%, versus selling to a brand, new customer that only profits 5-20%!
— Marketing Metrics

That's because every best-in-class organization recognizes that when they show their customers appreciation for their commitment, loyalty and dedication; the dealership's revenue is positively affected. 

Wouldn't you like to show your customers just how much you value & appreciate their commitment to your dealership?

We thought you might, which is exactly why we'd like to present you with a fantastic opportunity to show your company members just how highly you value them. 

We at Townsley Portraits value customer service and we continually strive to be "five stars" to our customers. One of the ways we've found to make our customers happy is to give an appreciation gift to those that help move our studio forward. 

Welcome to the Townsley Strategic Alliance & Appreciation Program

To be completely honest and transparent, we have extended this idea to offer our services, for free, to other businesses looking to show their customers appreciation within your general area. The strategy behind this appreciation program is that:

  • you get a premium, one-of-a-kind customer appreciation program without any addition resources allocated to creating one from scratch
  • your customers get to feel their time, money & loyalty is valid, valued and publicly recognized
  • in turn, your dealership will experience an escalation in quality referrals, higher per-current customer value and of course: overall profits!

IN FACT, we're so confident in our program's ability
to add value to your dealership...

...that we've actually developed a proven formula!

(Yes, you read that right.) Due to the success of our Alliance & Appreciation Program with other dealerships, we've been able to track and almost predict exactly how our program can provide a profits increase to your dealership. Here's how it works:

“Americans have said loud & clear: 7 of 10 would willingly spend more money with companies they felt expressed better customer service.”

— American Express Survey

And in all of our years of experience - as well as input from dealerships who've implemented our program - that one of the best ways to improve your customer service, is to implement premium-quality customer appreciation programs. 

You're probably wondering, "what's in it for us" - right?

Glad you asked! Because you'll have made the wise investment of aligning with our program, your customers are given the opportunity to experience a level of artistry and service they've never imagined, potentially creating new customers or clients for our studio. 

This is the core of the Townsley Strategic Alliance & Appreciation Gift Program.

Not only does showing appreciation to your customers positively affect satisfaction, but here's a few other added bonuses your dealership will experience by implementing our unique program:

  • dramatic increase in overall customer satisfaction
  • direct, positive impact to employee production (since they'll be happier and more motivated to increase their new or upsells) 
  • escalate your customer loyalty 
  • potentially double your customer referrals, as well as the quality of referrals 
  • direct impact to your business revenue


By establishing a lucrative partnership with our Alliance & Appreciation Program, our studio will provide your charity with:

  • UNLIMITED amounts of Gift Certificates for a 14" portrait on Canvas
  • Portrait includes FULL artwork & luminous glaze
  • Printing & stamping handled by our studio

Each gift certificate is a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT certificate that will not only show each and every donor just how highly you value their dedication to your charity, but it also provides your donors with first class artistry that they'll be able to cherish for generations.
( point out: could lead to generations of future family members that become loyal donors to your charity; all because of the level of appreciation you showcase your contributors!)

These Gift Certificates Include:

  • A complimentary Studio session to capture the magic ($350 Value)
  • $250 credit towards the clients order

We have resolute confidence that by implementing our program as your [company's] Donor Appreciation program, that your donors will be so delighted and surprised by the gift of an art-piece crafted by Townsley Portraits, that they'll not only remain with you longer but they'll collectively contribute to the increase in new donors, as well as higher-value-per-donor contributions!

Sample Gift Certificate:

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