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What an incredible opportunity Townsley Painted Portraits had to meet and work with the Thow Family through a recent partnership with Project Imagine Las Vegas. Cole Thow, who is 9-years-old and currently battling Medulloblastoma, has been a participant in Project Imagine's arts in medicine programs. When Townsley Portraits learned about Cole and his family, Stuart decided to donate a family portrait to the Thows, which was also on display at Project Imagine's recent ARToberfest fundraising event.

Tanya, the matriarch of the beautiful Thow family, helped organize the portrait session with Stuart. She said, "We could tell we were working with an experienced, professional photographer the moment we walked onto "the set"...that was how I described how he set up our photo shoot."

She went on to say, "Stuart pulled the personalities out of our kids and helped them feel comfortable, and it showed in the final product. He is a cancer survivor himself so he knew how important it was to capture this time in our lives while my son fights his own battle."

Stuart said he is always especially excited when his charitable work involves children, especially warriors like Cole. "While I've given the family an artwork that they will always cherish, I will definitely remember my time with them always," Stuart said.



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