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Preserving human emotion, one painting at a time.

Townsley Portraits is a premium service, family portrait photography studio based out of Las Vegas , Nevada. Our site showcases our expertise in portrait production and photography for families, while our Gallery shows off the quality of our eye and experience behind the camera.

What is the DifFerence between the work of Townsley Painted Portraits and other portrait studios?

We're delighted you're here, and cannot wait to provide you with an exceptional experience and a piece of art that is guaranteed to be treasured forever. 


A picture is merely a photograph - an instant (often hasty) snapshot of a moment in time that either ends up tucked away within a shoebox of other memories, or lost in digital space...never to be seen or remembered again. 

An Art Piece is a timeless, classical creation that will perfectly captures the soft, natural and genuine expression of you and your loved ones at monumental stages within your life. It contains true, depth and vision in the artistry and professional handwork; it is the story of your family expressed and encapsulated within the canvas which becomes a keepsake that you and your loved ones will hold dear to your hearts for generations and generations to come. It is deeper, richer and more meaningful, perhaps miles ahead of a simple picture of who you are. 

At Townsley Painted Portraits, we only create the most beautiful and generationally  relevant art;
in the tradition of the master painters of yesterday and today.

Our work hangs in some of the most opulent and fabulous homes all over the world.



Our Promise To You

At Townsley Painted Portraits, our core commitment is to help you capture those "forever moments" of your own family – the fleeting times when your children are small, or the revelation of wisdom from your older relatives before they are not with us.

Every day we take for granted the lives around us, but we never know when they will be gone. Here we know it is not what you have in your life it is who you have in your life.

Our passion and artistic responsibility is to help you capture those moments in beautiful, professional, artistic and meaningful portraits that your family can cherish forever.

You never know what tomorrow will bring.

On the other hand:

"We fully realize that no wealth or success can long endure unless built on truth and justice. Therefore (we) will engage in no transaction that does not benefit all whom it affects." - Napoleon Hill

Therefore all our art pieces come with a full money back guarantee. if you are not satisfied with your art piece we will re-capture, re-print or refund your portraits.  

Don’t wait – get an heirloom portrait done today by contacting us now
at 702-5560-5946

Townsley Painted Portraits art pieces can be of any of the following:

  • Families  (large and small) 

  • Individuals

  • Seniors (as a couple or alone)

  • Couples at all stages of life

  • Kids (alone or with siblings/cousins) 

  • Individuals with athletic, artistic or musical interests

  • Well behaved pets

If you haven't already booked your appointment,  allow us the opportunity to craft one for you and your family; one that captures this stage in your family's life with a uniquely expressive art piece created filled with feeling, classical beauty, and a sense of timelessness that can only be achieved with a classic art piece.


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