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Townsley Portraits is a premium service, family portrait photography studio based out of Las Vegas , Nevada. Our site showcases our expertise in portrait production and photography for families, while our Gallery shows off the quality of our eye and experience behind the camera.

Environmental Portraits

For environmental sessions, you can go classy-casual or full-on formal. As long as everyone is coordinated, your portraits will come out superb every time.
Townsley Portraits

Environmental portraits here in Los Angeles is one of the types of sessions that is most commonly requested.   Between the gorgeous California weather and all the choices for natural backdrops, it's easy to see why so many people choose this type of session for their family portraits. However, they are the most challenging to actually create and may require special timing and additional staff members to control the many elements that come into play. 

When conducting a environmental portrait, we prefer to find a place that represents something special or significant - a place of meaning. Whether it's your little girl's favorite park; the beach where you and your spouse had your first date; or just a place that signifies a key part in your story.  On the other hand, it must be a place that lends itself to clean, simple elegant beauty. 

For environmental portraits, arranging the best time to maximize the effects of the setting is paramount to the quality success in your final prints. We'll make sure all of this is discussed during your pre-portrait design session.


When conducting a environmental portrait, we've found that comfortable, well-fitting clothing that contains very little texture (such as patterns, stripes or multiple colors) works the best. Because we use the natural environment as our backdrop, we want the attire to be comfortable enough sit on the ground or walk around in, but still be 'posh' enough for a professional quality portrait you can be proud of for years to come.  


Aim for your outfits to be well-fitting, colorful, monochromistic or shades of similar colors (but no patterns, please) with 3/4 or long sleeves (for women) and preferably long sleeves (for men). A helpful tip is to lay out the outfits next to one another and confirm that they are all cohesive; the entire wardrobe should be coordinated but not identical.

For Men/Boys:

  • Casual button-down shirts
  • Well-groomed jeans
  • Long-sleeve shirts, rolled up are allowed
  • Well-shaved or maintained facial hair

For Women/Girls:

  • Clean, colorful shirts or blouses
  • For best visual results, shirts or dresses should
    have a min. 3/4 sleeve
  • Jeans, denim, skirts or casual dresses
  • Recommended Jewel or Earth-toned colors
  • Jewelry - okay




  • Formal, Black Tie attire*
  • PLAIDS or overly-busy patterns
  • Ripped or torn clothing
  • Strapless, sleeveless, off-the-shoulder shirts or casual dresses
  • Ungroomed facial hair
  • Brand, new haircuts** 
  • High heels***

*Men, while you may always look dashing in a formal suit and tie; this type of wardrobe is not appropriate for outdoor sessions. Consider the environment and whether or not you would be able to comfortably sit on the ground. 

**For haircuts, we recommend if you'd like a new haircut to please schedule it a minimum of 3-5 days in advance of your portrait session.

***We encourage women to wear attractive shoes that enhance their outfit; however, it's important to consider whether or not your heels would allow you to comfortably and easily walk across outdoor terrain. Also, for aesthetic purposes, we ask that if spouses are the same height that women refrain from wearing high heels altogether.


Our studio reserves the right not to conduct a portrait sitting if the attire does not cohesively suit the visual guidelines of your requested session. If the clothing is inappropriate, our first aim will be to fix the clothing on-set. If we are unable to fix the clothing on-site, we will re-schedule for a later date.

If you have any questions regarding wardrobe or attire for your session, reach out to our studio at 323-786-6019.

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